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The city of Allahabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh finds a mention in our ancient epics and Vedic texts. The city in the yesteryear was known by the name of Prayag. The religious importance of Allahabad is showcased by the presence of the holy confluence of three sacred Rivers; Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati at the Triveni Sangam. Pilgrims from far and wide come to take a holy dip at the Sangam and wash away their sins. The city of Allahabad is also backed by a rich historical and cultural legacy which tourists love to explore. If you are planning of visiting Allahabad soon, the following Allahabad travel tips would surely help you a lot. So, read on-

Visiting Allahabad?

These Are the Things You Should Know, So You Have a Happy and Safe Journey.
If you wish to view the city in its true religious aura and fervor, it is best visiting Allahabad during the festive times. Kumbh Mela is held here in the month of January. Also, there are other festivities in the city such as Ardh Kumbh Mela, Magh Mela. During these festivities, the city goes abuzz with a huge conglomeration of crowds and you can actually grasp the true religious essence of Allahabad during this time.

Putting up at Allahabad isn’t much of a problem as there are multiple budget. Medium-range and luxury hotels in the city to meet every budget ranges of the visitors. However, if you are visiting the city during festivals or in the peak season. It is wise for you to book your accommodation in advance in order to save yourself from unwanted hassles and last minute harassments.

If you are traveling to Allahabad try to travel between the months September and February. During that time the city experiences the pleasant winters and the weather remains the most travel-friendly. Carrying with you few light woolens will just be enough to face the winters at Allahabad. Try to avoid the extremely hot summers or the extremely humid and uncomfortable monsoon season for your Allahabad trip.

If you are traveling to the city for the first time, keep a scroll of the city map always with you. That’ll help you to understand the major landmarks of the city and you won’t get lost in an unknown place.

Do some prior research about Allahabad before embarking on the Allahabad tour. That’ll keep you well informed about the city and its major attractions. Thus, unscrupulous guides or tourist agencies will not be able to fool you.

When you have set out for visiting Allahabad tour, it is wise on your part to keep some important phone numbers. Such as that of the city hospitals, police stations etc handy so that if unwanted problems strike you are not left unarmed in an unknown place.

Carrying all important prescription medicines along with you on the tour. It is of utmost necessity so that no sickness of any kind can mar the joy of your Allahabad tour.

Allahabad has many must-visit historical and cultural sites and monuments. When you visit these places make sure to hire a tourist guide. So he can aptly relate to you the various interesting tales associated with these places. Thus offer you an authentic glimpse into the history.

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