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Brief History of Varanasi Prayag. Place of offerings. That’s what the holy city of Allahabad was referred to in earlier days. At Allahabad, the holy waters of Ganga, Yamuna and mythic Saraswati merge their waters. Witness this holy Sangam which prepares ground for, perhaps, the most important of the festivals which our land witnesses- Kumbh Mela- once every twelve years. So while you are exploring the sacred soil of the city, let us direct your way to the major temples of Allahabad as well.

List of 11 Most Popular Temples in Allahabad

01. Lalita Devi Temple

The Lalita Devi temple of Allahabad is of special significance for the devotees of Ma Shakti and is situated in Allahabad’s Sitapur. According to myths Goddess Lalita, also called Goddess Tripura Sundari or Red Goddess. She had made her appearance at this place as per the orders of Lord Brahma. The temple premises bear an ancient and sacred Peepal tree plus a well called ‘Pandav Koop’ believed to have been created by Arjun, one of the Pandava brothers, by striking the ground with an arrow.

02. Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir lies in vicinity to the fort of Allahabad and is one of the most visited temples of the city. The temple is painted in bright orange and houses a colossal statue of Lord Hanuman 20ft in length and 8ft in width. The idol of Lord Hanuman is positioned in a reclining manner and lies a couple of feet underneath the ground. The temple is partly submerged in the waters when River Ganga flows in high tide and it is commonly believed that when River Ganga wishes to touch the lotus feet of Lord Hanuman, she actually elevates her water levels.

03. Someshwar Mahadev Temple

Someshwar Mahadev Temple belongs to the Ekadash Rudra form of Lord Shiva and is situated in Allahabad’s Naini village in vicinity to Triveni Sangam. The other name for this temple is Shivkoti Mahadev temple. The temple stands along the River banks of sacred Yamuna. As per legends, the Moon God ‘Som’ had placed Lord Shiva’s idol into this shrine. Festivals like Shravan Shukla Ashtami, Nag Panchami,, Maha Shivratri are celebrated in this temple with great pomp and grandeur. The temple is 12kms away from the railway station of Allahabad.

04. Alopi Devi Temple

The Alopi Devi Mandir of Allahabad lies in the Alopibagh area. The temple enshrines no idol of the mother goddess Alopi Devi but has a wooden Doli or swing which is considered highly sacred by the devotees. Alopi Devi is often looked upon as the region’s guardian goddess and thus the locals make it a point to worship Alopi Devi first before any other holy religious ceremony. Towards the front of the Alopi Devi temple stands the Shankaracharya Jyotish Peeth ashram.

05. Kalyani Devi Temple

Kalyani Devi temple of Allahabad is one of the country’s most revered Shaktipeeth. As per myths the fingers of Goddess Sati had fallen at this spot. The temple enshrines an idol which is believed to be over 1000 years in age.  At the temple festivals like Chaitra Navratri, Ashwin Navratri is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur.

06. Mankameshwar Temple

Mankameshwar temple stands by the banks of River Yamuna, in proximity to Saraswati Ghat and belongs to Lord Shiva. During Sawan month on the Mondays the temple is heavily thronged by pilgrims. The temple is administered by the Jagat guru Shankaracharya.

07. ISKON Temple

ISKON Temple also known as Sri Sri Radha Venimadhav temple is located in Allahabad’s Baluaghat, Kashiraj Nagar. The temple stands beside the river banks of River Yamuna and enshrines an enchanting idol of Radha-Venimadhav; the divine duo. The temple was inaugurated in 1995 and this idol was placed in the temple in 2003. The temple maintains a lush green agricultural land, a Goshala and a small guest house. The temple has a serene ambience and presents a real divine Aarti session.

08. Beni Madhav Temple

Beni Madhav temple also referred to as Lakshmi-Narayan temple stands along the river banks of River Ganga and in a vicinity to Prayag Ghat. The temple belongs to Lord Vishnu and to his consort; Goddess Lakshmi. According to popular beliefs, the eminent Vaishnava saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had visited this temple once upon a time to pay his tribute to the revered duo enshrined here.

09. Nag Vasuki Temple

Nag Vasuki temple of Allahabad stands along the river banks of the Ganges in Allahabad’s Daraganj. The temple belongs to Vasuki Nag; the serpent king.   A huge conglomeration of pilgrims and tourists gather to attend the fair. The temple finds a mention in the Puranas too. Close to the temple stands a mighty statue of Bhishma Pitamah.

10. Patalpuri Temple

Patalpuri Temple stands in the underground chambers of Allahabad Fort. In 1583 Mughal emperor Akbar had constructed the Allahabad fort atop the existing Patalpuri temple. Prahlada, Lord Rama and a foreign visitor Hiuen Tsang have visited this place in the ancient times. Many of our ancient literary texts make a mention of this temple which is not only one of the most ancient shrines of Allahabad but also of the country as a whole.

11. Shankar Viman Mandapam

Shankar Viman Mandapam lies in vicinity to Allahabad’s Triveni Sangam. This is a 130ft high, four-storied temple structure that actually enshrines multiple idols of Gods and saints. For instance, the temple bears the idols of Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Tirupati Balaji, Kumari Bhatt, Kamakshi Devi and also the lingam of Yogashastra Sahasrayogam.

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