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Naimisharanya is an extremely sacred pilgrimage destination of our country. This is one of the oldest of spiritual sites. And is also believed to have existed right from the very beginning of creation of this universe. According to myths and legends, this site was chosen by the Gods and sages to establish the law of dharma on this earth. It is also believed that if rigorous penance is carried out at Naimisharanya, one can get freed from all world desires. And can also attain some really rare divine powers.

Each year, huge number of pilgrims gathers at this place on the occasion of Chaurasi Kos Parikrama. This festival is held during the Phagun month as per the Hindu calendar. This festival is celebrated in honor of sage Dadhichi; the great selfless sage who sacrificed his bones in order to free the Gods and Devas from the destructive activities of demon Vritrasura. To reach here without much hassle, you also need to have a clear knowledge of the location of the place. And also the route map and the various ways to reach the place. So, read on to learn more-


Naimisharanya is located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and falls within Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur district. The place is 94 kms away from the city of Lucknow. The temple stands at the road junction of roads coming from Sitapur as well as Khairabad. The place is about 32 km from the town of Sitapur and about 42 km from that of Sandila Railhead. This pilgrimage destination stands along the Gomati river banks.

Naimisharanya Route map

  • Lucknow-Sidhauli-Naimisharanya
  • New Delhi-Rampur- Bareilly-Hardoi-Naimisharanya
  • Varanasi-Jaunpur-Sultanpur-Faizabad-Lucknow-Sidhauli-Naimisharanya

How to Reach Naimisharanya

By Air: If you wish to avail the air route, you need to take a flight to Lucknow Chaudhary Charan Singh International airport. This is the nearest airport to your destination, at about 115kms from the location. On reaching the airport, you can hire jeeps, taxis or state buses to reach here.

By Rail: This place lies on a branch rail route emerging from the Lucknow-Delhi main railway line. This branch line is referred to as Balamau-Sitapur branch railway line. To reach here you have to thus travel to the Balamau junction rail station by train. This is one closest railhead to the destination. And then the rest of the journey can be completed via taxis, jeeps or state buses.

By Road: It stands on the busy Sidhauli-Naimisharanya state highway. The highway is well connected to NH 24 or the Lucknow-Delhi national highway. Regular and frequent bus services are available. Regular buses also ply between Hardoi and Sitapur and the route passes via Naimisharanya.

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