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How to Reach the MaldivesOne of the quite popular travel destinations in the world, Maldives is a beautiful island country as the nation is home to numerous splendid and uninhabited islands. This gorgeous country is pretty famous in the world and among its tourists for its picturesque landscapes and also the lush green surroundings.  Glimmering islands and the water sport activities are the major attractions of this country and are also called as appealing elements. Exotic weather, thrilling water sport activities, Azure waters, and the enamoring beaches are the words which define this beautiful country which is beautifully adorned with some really amazing and charming landscapes.

How to Reach the Maldives?

Planning for the Maldives and wondering how to reach there? Then, you are in the right place as this article compiles all the possible ways to reach the destination. One can reach this beautiful island destination only via air and waterways. Unfortunately, there is no connectivity of roadways with this beautiful country so going by roadways is not going to work out.

By Air

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is the nearest airport which is located almost 3.4 km away from the Male Island. Male International Airport tops the list of the largest international airports in the world.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport also called as Male International Airport is the busiest and so called as the main airport in the country. There are numerous flights flying from this airport to the other countries like Asian and European countries like Bangkok, Moscow, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, etc.  Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, CONDOR, Aeroflot, Air India, etc. are some of the most famous Airline providers.

Safety Suggestion for Aerial Distance: There are no air travel-related issues as the weather of the country is quite pleasing and favorable throughout the year.

By Roadways

Being an island country, Maldives cannot be accessed by roadways and there is no option to cover the distance by road transport.

By Railways

Unfortunately, this mode of transport is also not available in the Maldives as the country doesn’t house any railhead.

By Waterways

This is the most perfect way to explore the surreal beauties of this beautiful island country. If you are in the urge to visit the hidden treasures of this pictorial wonderland then opting for a cruise ride is the best way. This mode of transport is however economical yet tourists prefer it as it converts the arduous and time taking a journey into a refreshing and enjoyable journey. Whether it be a catamaran or a luxury cruise, the waterway is the best way to explore this country.

How to Reach the Maldives from India?

The airway is the best way to reach the Maldives from India as it takes lesser time as compared to the other modes of transport. Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, etc. are the major airports from where one can board the flight to the destination country. It takes almost 7 to 11 hours to reach this beautiful country depending upon the city from where you board the flight.

Visiting the Maldives by Flight

Male Airport which is located on the Male Island and the Gan Airport located in the Addu City are the two main airports in the Maldives which welcome a number of international flights on a regular basis. There are approx. 27 to 30 flights flying between Delhi and Maldives so there is no issue of boarding a flight. Jet Airways, Air India, and Spicejet are the popular aerial carriers running from Mumbai to the Maldives. Bangalore and Chennai are the other cities from where one can board the flight to this magical island country.

Visiting the Maldives by Waterways

There are no cruise ships which sail between the countries but there are some private yachts which are available to the tourists. The services are bound to cross the borders of India and reaching the Maldives after getting permission.

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