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Varanasi is located in the eastern region of India and experiences typical tropical climate. The summer season here is hot and humid while the winters are cold and refreshing. However, no matter what the season is this holy destination in India remains thronged with visitors, tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. If you are planning on making a visit to this sacred land then you must know when is the most appropriate time for you to plan your visit.

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Seasons in Varanasi:

Summer (April to June)

The summer time in true sense commences from the middle of March. But April is the time when summer time fully starts and this time ends by June. The early summer time is very pleasant and the perfect time to go on sightseeing and temples in Varanasi however with the surging of the temperature the humidity also rises which makes the atmosphere uncomfortable. The highest temperature experienced during this time is 45 degree Celsius. This is considered to be a lean time for tourism in Varanasi but is in fact visited by people looking for good deals on accommodation and travel facilities. On the plus side you will experience the temples without the crowd and having to wait in long lines. Showers are rare during this time but may occur and loo or the hot dry winds are common.

Monsoon (July – September)

Due to the presence of Ganga River the monsoons in Varanasi range from moderate to heavy. Sudden downpours are a frequent occurrence during these months. Sightseeing is hindered for the time being and activities are also halted. The temperature drops between 24 to 32 degree Celsius but the humidity rises. However, it is also the time when the beauty here is elevated and becomes the perfect time for photographers to capture some unique shots. You will get the opportunity to witness the sheer natural beauty of this one of the oldest living cities of India.

Winter (October – March)

This is one of the most important and significant times for tourism and the place starts getting swarming with tourists and devotees looking for sightseeing and temple Darshan. This is also the time when the place springs to life with festivals and other holy occasions. A festive season here guarantees a lifetime worth of memories. The temperature ranges between 5 to 15 degree Celsius so you need to load up on the winter wear and woollen clothes. Showers and rainfalls are quiet a rare occurrence during this season. The air is chilly and exploration during this time and even going on excursions is one of the best decisions you will make.

Best Time to Visit:

The months of October to March is considered to be one of the best seasons to make a visit to this holy town. Another window for travel arises post monsoon when the weather is perfect and the crowd is also less enabling you to have a wholesome sightseeing experience. The Ghats during this time are calm and peaceful where one can experience some amazing spirituality and serenity over a cup of hot chai. If you can bear the heat you can explore this place even during the late march and the beginning of May. The sightseeing may be a bit gruelling but this will be very budget friendly experience. The early summer months is also ideal for a budget travel to Varanasi.

Month Wise Temperature:

  • January – 9 to 23.5 degree Celsius
  • February – 12 to 26 degree Celsius
  • March – 17 to 33 degree Celsius
  • April – 22.5 to 38 degree Celsius
  • May – 27 to 41 degree Celsius
  • June – 28 to 39 degree Celsius
  • July – 26 to 33 degree Celsius
  • August – 26 to 32 degree Celsius
  • September – 25 to 32 degree Celsius
  • October – 20 to 32 degree Celsius
  • November – 13 to 28 degree Celsius
  • December –9 to 24 degree Celsius

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