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The ancient city of Ayodhya or also known as Ram Janmabhoomi is one of the holiest and the most spiritual destinations in India with a history that dates back to 9,000 years ago. Being the birthplace of the 7th Vishnu avatar, Ram, Ayodhya has always been an important place. Having found its mention in various holy Hindu texts, especially Ramayan, Ayodhya has always been the centre of religion and spirituality, attracting devotees from far and wide. Not only does it hold immense importance for Hindus but it is also a vital pilgrimage centre for Jain and Buddhists. The value of this place has increased tenfold ever since the construction of the iconic and grand Ram Mandir after a struggle of over 500 years.

Situated on the bank of the holy Saryu River, Ayodhya or historically known as Saketa, is venerated as one of the 7 most important pilgrimage cities in India. According to sources, the town is mentioned to be extremely prosperous and well-fortified, serving as home to a large population of people under the rule of Dasharatha.

Due to its location in Uttar Pradesh state of North India, the weather conditions in Ayodhya are predictable. Winters are cold and foggy while summers are hot and humid. A visit to Ayodhya will be an inspiring experience and will allow you to explore deeper into the fabric of our nation.

Planning a trip to Ayodhya anytime soon? Know when it is the best time to go to make your holy pilgrimage even more memorable.

Ayodhya in summer

Summertime in Ayodhya lasts from the months of April to June. During this time the maximum temperature can go as high as 44 Degrees Celsius and as low as just 32 Degrees Celsius. This is however not the ideal time to visit since the weather conditions will be too hot and humid to make a good trip out of it. Visiting the Ram Mandir requires standing in long lines and waiting in the open, hence summer months are not ideal to do so. As the temperature soars everyday in summer, it becomes more and more unsuitable to go sightseeing or even visit. However, summer is also the time for summer vacations and gives you the time to travel more. So if you are planning a visit to Ayodhya during the summer days then wear light clothing, cover yourself in cotton clothing, wear a hat and apply a powerful sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.

Note: Lord Ram’s birthday or Ram Navami Falls during the months of March or April (depending on the calendar) and this brings in large crowds of devotees from all over the world. You can even plan a visit to the Ram Mandir during this time by following the steps mentioned above.

Ayodhya in Monsoon

The monsoon or the rainy season arrives in Ayodhya during the first weeks of July and it comes in a full-fledged manner by mid-July. The monsoon months last till the beginning of September or at the most mid-September. The temperature experiences a slight drop and ranges from 32 to 22 Degrees Celsius. The region receives a decent amount of rainfall. The weather remains pleasant and cool throughout. However, along with this, humidity also increases making it uncomfortable for travel. If you are okay with dealing with rains, then monsoon will be a good time to visit Ayodhya since the crowd is comparatively lower and the hotel and package prices also experience a drop. The rain-soaked streets, cool environment and a pleasant vibe makes a visit here during monsoon times even more enjoyable. But if the monsoon time is not a problem for you then this can also be a good time to visit and experience the cool rainy season.

Ayodhya in winter

The winter months in Ayodhya last from October to March. During this time the weather can range from 3 degree Celsius to 26 Degrees Celsius. The region can also experience extremely foggy situations causing train and flight delays. Mostly the peak winter month is in January when the temperature drops exponentially and it gets very cold throughout the day. On some days the sun comes out when it becomes comfortable to go out exploring, on other days the sun also plays hide and seek making the region even colder and sometimes so unbearable that even stepping out of the house becomes a huge chore. Going out during the winter months will be a good idea and you won’t feel as tired as you did during the summer months. The footfall to the temple also increases around these months which is an extremely pleasant time as well.

Best Time to Visit Ayodhya

Keeping in mind the ever-changing weather conditions, the best time to visit Ram Mandir Ayodhya is during the winter months from October to March. Even though some devotees don’t have a preferable time to visit and any time of the year is okay for them, it is advised to visit during the winter months when the day temperature is pleasant, cool and extremely wholesome. If visiting during the winter months, be sure to pack good quality of warm winter clothing kike fleece Jackers, woollen sweaters and mufflers in order to stay healthy and refrain from catching cold or flu.

Essentials to Pack for Ram Mandir Visit

  • Pack decent appropriate clothing since this is a very holy and auspicious place that needs to be respected by every devotee. Do not hurt the religious sentiments of the other devotees.
  • Remember to pack a good pair of sneakers to make walking and standing in lines more comfortable.
  • Make sure to pack a good quality of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses if travelling during the summer months.
  • Carry a medicine box full of all the necessary medications like Pain Killers, Paracetamol, Antihistamines, Cough Syrup, Moov, Band-Aids, Cotton, Dettol, etc.
  • Do not over-pack in order to avoid all types of inconveniences related to heavy Luggages while travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Is The Darshan Time For Ram Mandir In Ayodhya?

Ans. The darshan time for Ram Mandir is from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Q2. How Many Days Are Sufficient For Ayodhya Visit?

Ans. 3 to 4 days are good enough to visit Ayodhya.

Q3. What Is The Aarti Timing For Ram Mandir Ayodhya?

Ans. The Aarti timings for Ram Mandir Ayodhya takes place during 6:30 am; 12:00 noon and 7:30 pm.

Q4. What Should I Buy In Ayodhya?

Ans. You can buy flower garlands, incense sticks, diyas, idols of god and other such stuff to take back home.

Q5. Which Is The Most Famous Sweet In Ayodhya?

Ans. Some traditional sweets in Ayodhya are Rabris, Laddoos, Dahi Vada etc.