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Best Season to Visit MauritiusMauritius, an island located in the Indian Ocean is known as a paradise to nature lovers. This beautiful country is home to various dense forests, pristine beaches, stupendous wildlife sanctuaries, and many other places of interest. Also called as the dreamland of newlywed couples, Mauritius is quite popular for its tourism rate. The country is not only known for its beauty but also for its unique hospitality and the artificial handicraft items. It is home to a plethora of islands and beaches and thus offering a lot of water adventure activities. Exploring varied species of aquatic animals, savoring the lip-smacking seafood and the other mouth-watering delicacies, and diving into the seawater are some of the other adventurous activities in which one can indulge himself.

Being a tropical island country, Mauritius witnesses pleasant and favorable weather throughout the year but November to April is the best time to visit this splendid country. However, it all depends upon the desire for what you are for in the country. The country experiences a relatively mild and pleasant climate with occasional rainfall.

Visiting Mauritius in the Summer Season

The summer season in Mauritius commences in the month of November and continues till the month of April. During these summer season, Mauritius witnesses a hot and humid climate especially during the months of December, January and February; the temperature reaches up to a next level. There is heavy rainfall in the entire country and mostly the areas which are located on the central plateau. February and March are the months receiving the highest rainfall in the country. This period is believed to be the most ideal time to get indulged in the water sport activities like scuba diving, and also for fishing inside the deep sea. Mauritius is prone to cyclone throughout the year however it experiences rare cyclone and whenever a cyclone hits this small island country then it affects the overall vegetation and also the wooden buildings. No needs to worry about your safety in the country as the accommodations are constructed well enough to resist in the cyclonic environment.

Best Things to Do– No matter you are an experienced or a novice swimmer you can show your talent of swimming in this season as it feels quite relaxing with the pleasant temperature accompanied with a cool gentle breeze.

Visiting Mauritius during the Winter Season

The temperature is comparatively cooler in this season and the prevailing winds blow in this small island country from southeast and east. August witnesses the lowest temperature in the country which is around 20 degree Celsius on the coast. June to August is considered to be the most ideal time for surfing. One doesn’t need to sit inside an air-conditioned room in any part of the day and you may experience little shower in the second half of the day which makes the climate cooler.

Activities to Do in this Season– Squad biking and hiking are the activities which one prefer to enjoy in the cooler weather.

Safety Suggestion– Despite being cold weather, one may get the suntan issue due to the sunny weather. Apply sunscreen lotion, carry a hat or an umbrella if you are going out especially during the mid-day.

Visiting Mauritius during the Monsoon Season

There is no particular monsoon season in this island country and the country witnesses’ rainfall between the months of November and April. However, January and February are the months which are highly prone to the cyclone and so in these two months Mauritius experiences very less tourism rate. These months are not recommended to plan your Mauritius visit.

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