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Best Time to Visit MalaysiaMalaysia witnesses hot and humid weather all throughout the year. There are varied weather conditions in the different regions of the country like the western coast of the country witnesses the wet season between the months of April and October. However, there is no much rainfall and the region witnesses only little thundershowers but this downpour helps in providing relief from the humid weather. On the other hand, eastern coast witnesses rainfall between the months November to February.  Also, the eastern coast receives higher rainfall than the western coast. However, it is not the ideal time to visit Malaysia as, during this period, most of the accommodations and the beaches are closed and gets reopened in the month of March.

Current Weather:


Temperature Status

The temperature of the country at the sea level generally lies between 21 degree Celsius and 32 Degree Celsius. Unlike sea level, the temperature at the highlands ranges between 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius which makes it cooler than the regions at the sea level.

Although, the best time to visit any travel destination depends upon the places you wish to cover in the country and also on the activities you are looking for. We have come up with the article compiled up of the best suggestions to visit the country. Scroll down the page to check which is the best time to explore the sightseeing destinations in the country, exploring the beaches, and also the best time to get indulged in the water sport activities. The best time to visit the country is between March and early October as this is the period when one can avoid the rainfall and can also escape the humid weather.

Visiting Malaysia during the Monsoon Months

Malaysia is the country which witnesses two monsoon months viz. southwest monsoon season and northeast monsoon. April to September is the monsoon month in southwest Malaysia and October to March is the wet season in northeast Malaysia. The western coast of the country is affected by the southwest and the eastern coast gets wet with the northeastern monsoon.

Visiting Malaysia in Spring Season

Spring season in Malaysia commences in the month of March and continues till the month of May. Besides the high temperature, the weather is quite pleasant as the cool salubrious breeze makes the climate cooler. If you are in the country to enjoy beach life then this is the most ideal time to explore the country. One can also take part in the celebration of Sabah Festival which is celebrated in the month of May. The celebration continues for a week and this month, Malaysia welcomes a huge number of tourists.

Visiting Malaysia in the Summer Season

Summer season starts in the month of June and goes on till the month of August. These are the months which receive the least amount of rainfall and so witness the high temperature. However, there is no consistency in the weather and you might receive rainfall in this month too. So, it is highly advised to carry an umbrella along with you. Also, if you are visiting Malaysia in the month of June then you can also indulge in the grand celebration of Gawai Festival which is also called as rice festival.

Visiting Malaysia in Winter

December, January, and February are the three winter months in Malaysia and this is the season which organizes many festivals like Christmas, Hari Raya, and the New Year Festival. If you are in a mood to enjoy the beach life and also the outdoor activities in the country then winter months are quite suitable for your Malaysia tour. Thaipoosam Cavadee is the other major attraction of this season which is celebrated by the country in an extravagant way.

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