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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Are The Opening And Closing Dates For Badrinath Dham?

Badrinath TempleAns. Badrinath Dham remains open for darshan for 6 months which falls between the months of either late April or early May to late October to early November. The kapat is opened for darshan during the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya and shuts down during the holy day of Bhai Dooj. Keeping in mind the safety of the pilgrims, it is advised for you to not take this trip during the monsoon months of July to early September since the entire region remains prone to heavy torrential rains and unexpected landslide. Make your booking accordingly.

Q2. Why Is It Vital For Devout Hindus To Go For Badrinath Dham Yatra?

Ans. Badrinath Dham is a crucial portal for the holy Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand which is believed to grant salvation to anyone completing the entire circuit. The entire shrine is dedicated to the Badri form of Lord Vishnu who is believed to have performed intense penance here. The great sage and the propagator of the Advaita philosophy - Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have discovered an idol of Lord Vishnu from a nearby river and placed it in Narad Kund which was later on shifted to the current temple. This temple has also found its mention in the Vamana Purana. Badrinath has a whole string of mythological as well as historical significance since this is also believed to be the place where the pandava brothers along with Draupadi is believed to have stopped for darshan on their way to Swargarohini. All these instances Makes Badrinath an incredibly significant temple for the Hindus.

Q3. What Are The Darshan Timings For Badrinath Dham?

Ans. Here are the timings for darshan at Badrinath:

Morning – 4:30 am – 1:00 pm

Evening – 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Q4. When Should I Visit Badrinath Dham?

Ans. Badrinath dham remains flocked by pilgrims throughout the open season i.e from may to October. The best time to visit this dham would be during the comfortable and safe time of May, June, September and October. Make sure you don’t make any bookings for visiting Badrinath Dham during the monsoon months since the entire region remains extremely vulnerable to life-threatening situations like landslides and unexpected weather changes.

Q5. What Kind Of Weather Changes Does Badrinath Experience Throughout The Year?

Ans. Being located at an incredible height Badrinath experiences a typical Himalayan weather changes throughout the year. The summer months here makes it comfortable to go for darshan and explore some nearby places with the temperature ranging between 7 to 18 degree Celsius. However the winter months here are extremely frigid and cold where the temperature falls to Subzero levels.

Q6. Are There Any Necessary Registrations Required For Visiting Badrinath Dham?

Ans. All the necessary registrations for Badrinath Dham or Char Dham Yatra can be completed at various different counters that are available there, free of cost. You also have the option of completing these registration procedures online. There are registration centres available at Haridwar, Rishikesh and Pandukeshwar. It is advisable for you to complete your online registrations beforehand online or at the counter.

Q7. How Crowded Does Badrinath Dham Get During The On Season?

Ans. Once the temple Kapat is opened for darshan and the weather is cleared then the Dham witnesses a huge turnout where the number varies between 20,000 to 30,000 per day. During the monsoon months this per day pilgrims count at the Dham drops down to 3,000 to 4,000. However there is a substantial rise in the per day pilgrim count from September to the closing time with almost 10,000 pilgrims per day.

Q8. What Are The Types Of Accommodation Present In Badrinath?

Ans. Badrinath Dham is equipped to provide stay options for almost 20,000 pilgrims. It has deluxe hotels, guest houses and Dharamshalas that offer a comfortable stay option.

Q9. What Should I Offer To The Idol At Badrinath Dham?

Ans. Badrinath Dham is replete with numerous shops around the area offering the Prasad that the pilgrims are supposed to offer inside the temple. In case you are planning on making a donation then there is an office known as the Badri Kedar Samiti and other donation boxes.

Q10. Can Badrinath Be Visited By A Bike Or A Private Car?

Ans. Badrinath Dham is well connected by a smooth network of roads that is connected with various parts of the major as well as minor towns. You can easily take your car up till Badrinath Dham or your own bike. Make sure not to visit the Dham during the monsoon months when the entire region is prone to unexpected weather changes that may also close your routes to the Dham making your journey extremely stressful.

Q11. How Can I Visit Badrinath Dham If I Am Coming From Haridwar Or Delhi?

Ans. Badrinath Dham is situated at a distance of 540 kms from Delhi and 320 kms from Haridwar. The most convenient option for you will be to take the road route. You will be required to either hire a cab or go on a bus ride from Delhi to Rishikesh. From Rishikesh you will be required to hire a shared cab or a bus service heading towards Badrinath Dham. This is the most convenient way of reaching Badrinath Dham. This entire circuit is made up of a network of well-connected roads.

Q12. Is It Necessary To Hire A Tour Operator Or Can I Visit Badrinath Dham On My Own Without Any Outside Help?

Ans. It is an extremely easy task to visit Badrinath Dham on your own. There are a number of good and budget friendly accommodation facilities available in Badrinath. In case you have budget constraints or you are travelling on a schedule then it is advisable for you to hire a tour operator service or a cab from Delhi or from Haridwar for the whole trip.

Q13. How Will I Perform All The Puja Inside Badrinath Temple? Is There Any Way Through Which I Can Book Any Puja Ritual?

Ans. People have several options of pujas to choose from inside the temple. However keeping in mind the huge rush of pilgrims you have the option of pre booking your puja ritual through phone to the badri – kedar temple Samiti.

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